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Joe is giving you tough love.

Check out the "offset" command as well as the "find" command. Note the "chars to skip" parameter. Read about the "foundChunk". If you are really into it, and you should be, try to find several different ways to accomplish your task.

Craig Newman

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I guess I never tried to write a script like this before. Thought it would be 
simple... Well, it is simple, probably, just not simple in a way that I actually 

How do I find multiple instances of a string in a given field of a given card 
and record each foundchunk in a variable, and then stop repeating the find 
command when the last instance is found?

I want to do this in the context of a repeat loop that goes to all the cards in 
the stack in sequence.

Sooo, I also need to know... How do I tell the repeat loop to move on to the 
next card:

- if no instance of the string is found on the card

- and

- after the last instance of the string is found on the card

Hope that's clear.

I understand I'll probably want to nest a repeat loop using the find command on 
each card, with exits when certain conditions are met. I'm choking on the 

I don't need a complete and accurate script. Just the general idea.

Thanks in advance.

Tim (the world's oldest newbie)
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