Debug problem with relative paths

edward cawley etcawley at
Sat Mar 19 14:29:52 EDT 2011

I have a problem that has cropped up. I can work around it but it has me puzzled. I am modifying a stack from a functioning desktop stack to an iPad stack. I made a few minor changes -to  ios landscape and a few scale modifications- and suddenly a global path reference changed.
The open stack script is  > put "MisippFiles/" into GVStackPath  < the GVStackPath is a global, but the variable shows it as > /System/ MisippFiles/< and I can't get it to change back to just "MisippFiles/". And when I try to set a breakpoint to debug it I get a message that the script debug mode is currently off and it won't let me turn it on? What's happening??

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