on-rev and mysql_connect and php

John Patten johnpatten at mac.com
Mon Mar 14 22:54:48 EDT 2011

Hi All...

I have a very basic mysql/php tutorial I'm attempting to make work on on-rev.

The php/mysql tutorial is available here: http://www.freewebmasterhelp.com/tutorials/phpmysql/1

My question is related to the insert.php code. It shows:

mysql_connect(localhost, $username, $password);   

in line 4 of the insert.php file. However, I only get warnings such as:

Warning: include(dbinfo.inc.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/..../insert.php on line 2

What should the server host name be for the mysql database, localhost or something else?

I'd also be open to another mysql/php example if anybody has one handy...

Thank you!

John Patten

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