standalones and external files

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Wed Feb 23 17:59:26 EST 2011

On 2/23/11 2:59 PM, edward cawley wrote:
> I'm still having problems with the standalones. I have tried it
> setting my stack "KTRiver" as a standalone directly and by way of a
> Launcher stack. In both cases the resulting apps do not access the
> files in a Resources folder which is in the same folder with the
> standalone app.The Launcher standalone works fine but my "KTRiver"
> livecode stack is present and will run but none of the images , audio
> or text fields which are in the resources file show. It acts as if
> they can't find the "filename".

I'm not sure I understand how you've set things up. Have you embedded 
all these resources into a stack? If so, your standalone needs to 
specifically open that stack so it is in the message path.

But it's usually better and more reliable to just make your resources 
stack a substack of the main one before you build a standalone. Then you 
don't have to worry about it, everything is always available. You don't 
have to open anything or even show the substack.

Another way is to forget about a resources stack, and move all the 
resources into files on disk. Then reference them by path in your 
scripts. For images, you'd set the filename of the image object to the 
path on disk. For audio and video, set the filename of a player object. 
That's often the best way to handle it, and is usually less memory 

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