standalones and external files

edward cawley etcawley at
Wed Feb 23 15:59:49 EST 2011

I'm still having problems with the standalones. I have tried it setting my stack "KTRiver" as a standalone directly and by way of a Launcher stack. In both cases the resulting apps do not access the files in a Resources folder which is in the same folder with the standalone app.The Launcher standalone works fine but my "KTRiver" livecode stack is present and will run but none of the images , audio or text fields which are in the resources file show. It acts as if they can't find the "filename". It works fine as livecode stacks, but not as apps. In fact when I used the launcher approach - On open stack
						go to stack "KTRiver"
					close stack
instead of opening the stack in livecode it opens as an app with the same problems as above. 
I am missing out on my understanding of how/what with regard to standalones?

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