Saving datagrids

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Fri Feb 18 23:53:26 EST 2011

On 2/18/11 10:19 PM, dunbarx at wrote:
> Jacques.

(No "s". I know, it's weird.) :)

> I made a substack from a mainstack. I moved the substacks into their
> own stackFiles like a good boy. I included the DG template.

Okay, in that case they aren't substacks any more. They're separate 
document stacks and they should save. And apparently they do, since the 
field updates.

Not everyone saves out substacks separately when building, so it's good 
to know how you did it.

> The field data is saved between standalone sessions, The DG is not.
> The IDE stack works like a charm.
> I get that it all might be me. It usually is. I just wonder if anyone
> knows why. I have to tell this guy something...

I'm not sure. Maybe one of the datagrid gurus will see this.

I believe the datagrid relies on having its own substack attached to the 
mainstack, and if you separated that out in the build process by 
choosing to move them into separate stack files, maybe that's why it 
fails. The datagrid templates will be orphaned.

If that's the case then don't use that option when building a 
standalone. Instead, just make a separate data stack all by itself to 
use as a "document" and build the standalone without moving anything out.

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