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I'm not making all this up:

are plenty of concerns around the succession plan regarding Jobs and Apple.

Hey, I love my Apple iPad, my Apple iPhone and my new 11" MacAir.

Over the years, I and my company have been featured in print, video and film
advertising for Apple and have been the appreciative recipient of thousands
and thousands of dollars of cool free stuff, (back when they did that sort
of thing) including a LaserWriter when they first came on the scene. I also
gave talks and led seminars at the first 10 MacWorlds on both coasts and
wrote for several Mac magazines.

It's just that I don't like being treated like a sucker. That's all. This
whole bait and switch thing stinks to high hell. They do their best to suck
in consumers and developers, then start ratcheting up the pressure via a
bait-and-switch technique, which many think is illegal. Their behavior does
not make for a reliable industry partner. Let me repeat that so it may sink

Apple's behavior does not make for a reliable industry partner.

As a CEO, now and in the past, I am involved in risk assessment-- and I
believe Apple's behavior creates huge risk issues for any company depending
on a revenue stream from them.

To say they're customer centric and make decisions in the best interest of
it's consumers, is just NOT true. For instance, iTunes is the single most
difficult to learn and use piece of software I (and many others) try to use

Fact is, they make great hardware. I fully expect that to halt as soon as
Steve is gone, just like it did time and again before.

Pointing at Microsoft or others similar behavior doesn't help any discussion
on Apple. Defending one's bad behavior with another's bad behavior is not a
valid argument. And besides, isn't it clear by now it didn't work out too
well for MS? Heck, even the president chose not to see the idiot Balmer: :-D

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On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 5:07 PM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at>wrote:

> On 2/18/11 4:55 PM, Chipp Walters wrote:
>> If that comes to pass, Apple will continue to look like a controlling
>> big brother company-- which at some point will take it's toll.
>> Probably soon after Jobs leaves us, as the rumors are the company
>> doesn't have much of a succession plan.
> I've read they do have a successor -- forget his name -- and he's been
> running a lot of the company for a couple of years now. He's next in line.
> Apple also has a 5-year plan of product rollouts prepared.
> We know you don't like Apple. I'm not too keen on the latest development
> either, but I am not ready to bash them yet and I think it will be reversed.
> I am, however, looking for a good Android tablet so I'll be ready when RR
> is. If anyone has suggestions on that, I'm all ears.
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