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Fri Feb 18 19:58:14 EST 2011

Le 18 févr. 2011 à 19:27, Richard Gaskin a écrit :

> Agreed, though the major issue here is with content publishers more than developers, and publishers have another option available that can make far more money for them:  the web = iOS + the entire rest of the world.
> Rather than spending themselves silly making single-platform apps, they can just go back to the web and get 100% of the world's eyeballs at a much lower cost -- and they keep 100% of all revenues in doing so.
> Earn more, spend less. Makes good business sense for content publishers to blow off the app store entirely.

We can just follow you at 100% on those major points, Richard.

Please RunRev, don't avoid to add the password protected stack's support to RevServer as soon as possible. Apple is less and less reliable while the web is more and more ! We need RunRev and RevServer to become as strong as possible on the web apps networkable markets. Yet would be lots more useful than in one or two years.

Thanks for caring, MotherShip :-)

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