Custom cursors

David C. davidocoker at
Fri Feb 18 19:05:33 EST 2011

An interesting thing I've learned about custom cursors in this
discussion.... it's really hard (nigh impossible) to take a
screen-shot of the custom cursor when it is being displayed.

I tried taking simple <Prt Scr> type screen-shots on both Windows and
Linux, never being successful at all on Linux and then finally only
after jumping through some hoops on Windows. (using a specialized
graphics program)

Even the clicking the check-box to include the cursor using the
"snapshot" program on Linux makes no difference.

I found this to be true with simple applications like Windows notepad
and the Linux/Gnome text editor as well, so I'm wondering if it's the
same for everyone else?

Untested on Mac

Best regards,
David C.

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