Great progress on Datagrids

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Fri Feb 18 18:35:54 EST 2011

Ok I'm getting really comfortable with the DG API now. I hardly ever futz with the dgText. I am using arrays and commands that work with indexes and such. Thanks everyone for their help on this. 

Now I want to know if I can have the selection hilite just one "cell" as it were, as opposed to the entire line. 

Not that it matters, but I am designing an interface which reads the structure of two SQL databases, and presents the user with 3 data grids, on the left the tables in the first database, on the right those of the second, and in the middle a datagrid with 3 columns. The user selects tables on the left and adds them to the left column of the center datagrid. Same with the right tables into the right column. The middle column is an action column which will have the options of merge left, merge right, or nothing. 

Later when I get into the column structures of the tables each linked pair of tables will also have a key action for a pair of columns which will be the lookup key for that pair of tables. If you have ever seen the Filemaker import export dialog, you will know just what I mean. In fact this is what I am shooting for. 

It's might be a little confusing to the user when they select an entire line of the center datagrid and wonder what will happen when  they click the Remove button, so I want the selection to only hilite the cell and not the entire line. 


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