RevServer deployment on OSX Server

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Feb 18 18:17:02 EST 2011

On 2/18/11 4:33 PM, Björnke von Gierke wrote:
> Wow you had some scary complicated cgi setup :D

Yeah. :) The goal was to show a rotating random image inside a static 
web page, with a refresh every few seconds. Using the old CGI interface, 
there wasn't a good way to do that without an i-frame unless I 
regenerated the entire page each time. I could have done it that way I 
guess. I'd still use templates for that though.

> I always had one cgi to rule them all, and then images and sql in the
> background. sometimes files for content (not for templates).

That's a good alternative, and Rodney Tamblin and Monte Goulding wrote a 
library that works that way. There's a link to it in my CGI tutorial.

The templates are easier for me than writing those messy HTML-generating 
scripts. With a template you can use placeholder text, and after the CGI 
knows what the variables are, you replace the placeholders with actual 
data, then deliver the page. It's a lot less lines of code, and the 
templates are easier to edit because you can display them in a browser 
and see what you're doing.

It all became moot with iRev scripting, because I didn't need either the 
templates or any HTML-generating scripts.

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