Sample code for reading a CSV file

David C. davidocoker at
Thu Feb 17 14:28:54 EST 2011

> seems in that case you would have to check the text between every odd and even quote first and convert any cr's in between to another character before your line loop. It's not even that simple, because numbers and date values are not typically quoted are they?
> I'm beginning to see why some don't like csv files!
> Bob

...and that's not even the worst of it!
Throw in inconsistencies where some fields are quoted, some or not
and/or junk like embedded line breaks thrown into the mix (thanks
Microsoft!) and you'll get the full picture.

Personally, I'm done with 'em. Won't use or offer support for them
unless absolutely forced to with no way around it. ;-)

Best regards,
David C.

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