Sample code for reading a CSV file

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Feb 17 13:16:43 EST 2011

So I am tired of reinventing the proverbial wheel over and over again.

I have a new project that I want to read a CSV file for. Obviously 
reading the file is easy. And is it was tab separated instead of comma, 
parsing out the rows and columns is easy as well. However, with comma 
seperated data where some columns contain string with commas in then 
that are encapsulated in quotes, just plowing through the itemDelimiter 
and lineDelimter doesn't work.

So before I bother to write code to handle encapsulated CSV data, I 
thought I'd ask if anyone on the use-list has existing code to handle 
CSV's that they'd be willing to share.

Paul Dupuis
Researchware, Inc.

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