Plugins folder gotcha

Peter Haworth pete at
Wed Feb 16 17:55:48 EST 2011

I recently followed the advice in a thread on this list and created a Livecode folder in my Documents folder so I could put a plugins folder in it, then changed the LC Preference to refer to the /Documents/Livecode User Extensions folder.  That all worked fine.  

However, all my button images stopped showing up.  I had imported a couple of sets of images into the LC Image Library and it turns out they are stored in a Resources folder which was inside the original User Extensions folder (My Revolution Studio in my case).  I copied the Resources folder over to the new Livecode folder and all is back to normal now.

The more experienced list followers probably would have known that but I thought it might be worth sharing.  There may be other folders/files that need to be moved when you reference a different User Extensions folder. 

Pete Haworth

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