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Apple has made it clear if you offer goods for sale outside of the app,
which can then be loaded into the app, then you HAVE to also allow for them
to bought inside the app (giving Apple 30%). This is of course a deal killer
for many. I'm actually thinking with the new Android tablets (with Flash,
and USB and cameras and MUCH MORE memory), now is not the time to piss
Amazon, Groupon, and everyone else off.


As mentioned, the thing which aggravates many, and certainly disposes Apple
to be a less than honorable partner, is the simple fact THEY KEEP CHANGING
THE RULES. Whenever they want-- as many times as they want. Can you even
remember developers talking this much about dev licenses before? Nope, but
every new OS, Apple changes them with something significant. BTW, Google
just announced their in-app purchasing plans yesterday and there were none
of the Apple draconian measures mentioned.

You probably don't know Steve Jobs, but I have met him and know a number of
people who have worked for him directly. This is very Jobsesque-- trying to
control EVERYTHING. Perhaps you should read up on the guy. Furthermore, I
don't need to personally "know" Hitler to know he was a bad, evil man-- and
can certainly say so without him here to defend himself. That's just silly.
(I've just invoked Godwin's law!)

Even so, I'm sorry if any of my descriptions of him offended your
Apple-friendly sensibilites. Instead of me calling him a "control freak"
(which I never did, but come to think of it-- he is), think of me saying "a
wonderful human being who has enriched so many, especially himself, and who
likes to manage all things personally."

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 2:03 PM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at hyperactivesw.com>wrote:

> On 2/16/11 11:57 AM, David C. wrote:
>  What you are overlooking is that vendors like Amazon have already
>> invested who knows how much, to build and provide first class
>> applications for Apple products and their customers.
> True. But as I understand it, it is still possible to purchase content at
> Amazon using a regular web browser, and then load the books into the
> i-device, right? It's an extra step but it can be done.
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