[OT] Apple at it again

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 14:05:29 EST 2011

On 02/16/2011 08:48 PM, Robert Brenstein wrote:
> On 16.02.11 at 11:57 -0600 David C. apparently wrote:
>> Bob said:
>>>>  If vendors do not like the deal, they don't have to sign the 
>>>> contract.
>>>>  If users do not like Apple practices, they can avoid buying the 
>>>> product.
>> What you are overlooking is that vendors like Amazon have already
>> invested who knows how much, to build and provide first class
>> applications for Apple products and their customers.
> Let us not forget that nobody forces them to use Apple App Store if 
> they are not willing to accept Apple's conditions. They can continue 
> selling as they have been so far. This is quite different from the iOS 
> App Store where it is practically the only selling venue. For some 
> companies with limited marketing reach, 30% cut may well be worth it. 
> Adjustments of this deal will surely follow as marketing forces and 
> loud people have their play, as Richard predicted.
> Robert

I just sell things from my website; marvellous; rather like my EFL 
school; only me, myself and I;

just imagine; I can strut around and pretend to be Steve Jobs all by 
myself, in the privacy
of my own home, and not have to put up with all sorts of know-it-alls 
telling me to take
flying leaps and so on . . .  :)

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