Can a revlet intereact with a rev server database?

Kevin Stallibrass kevin at
Wed Feb 16 08:19:18 EST 2011


I have a site where the user logs on to access files located in a folder.
The user data is held within a database but I'm using a revlet to offer up
the files in the following way.

First dropdown lists the available folders. When the user selects an item,
the second dropdown is populated by the folders within that selected folder
and so on.

I end up with an FTP path to for the download and at the moment, I'm storing
info on what's been downloaded in a text file located on the web server.

This works fine up to a point. The issue is that I can't see a way of
grabbing the user id from the server or making an entry on the database via
the revlet. - Is it possible?


I've tried creating the same interface on the server via .irev files (so I
can access the database from there) and while I've can populate a dropdown
with the folderlist, I can't see a way of automating anything when a user
makes a selection from the list - I'm a novice with .irev


Any advice on how I should approach this would be most welcome



Kevin Stallibrass



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