iOS: How to create a transition to a new screen

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I doubt you can find the exact speed of these transitions from within xCode. I have an app open that i wrote in xCode and on another device the one in livecode and test them side by side. I just gave up on AnimationEngine to emulate a paging swipe and instead gave up on the bounce in favor of the move command. 

You might have to put the views offscreen and use the move command instead of switching cards etc.

I am going to work on that next. Keep you informed as to progress.

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On Feb 14, 2011, at 6:15 PM, Jérôme Rosat wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> In iOS, a table view displays data in rows. In a hierarchical structure, when the user selects a row, a new screen slides from the right with a new table view. At the same time, the title of the navigation bar slides and appears  from the right to the center, the "back button" slides and appears from the center to the left, at a different speed from the table view (it seems).
> I tried to create this transition with LC but I failed recreate it satisfactorily. 
> Do you have any suggestion to create this transition with LC ? Do you know where we can find the speed of the transition of the screen and of the title of the navigation bar ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Jerome
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