Datagrid Drag and Drop

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Mon Feb 14 19:33:44 EST 2011

Hi all. I am still getting this wrong, and I thought I had it down. I have these lines in a DragDrop handler:

    put the dragsource into theSource
    put the dragdestination into theDestination

When I step through the code, these variables contain the full ID's of the objects like you would expect. Then I do this:

        put the dgIndex of thesource into theSourceID
        put the dgIndex of thedestination into theDestinationID

NOW these two lines work when I am dragging with the mouse in the first column of the datagrid, but when I drag in the third column of the datagrid, theSource and theDestination are right, but theSourceID and theDestinationID are empty! EEEEK!  

What in heaven's name am I doing wrong? does the dgIndex only work on the first column of a datagrid?? 


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