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Mon Feb 14 17:44:16 EST 2011

I'm not a experienced sql - lc connection maker either, but i ask myself why to keep a connection alive? So I take the freedom to append my own question to yours:

Some people like to keep alive their DB connections. But isn't it usually a more robust approach to close the connection as soon as the query is handled?

I've found it useful to handle mass-writes slightly differently, but there is normally so much happening, that the DB connection doesn't really idle at all.

On 14 Feb 2011, at 23:38, Paul Dupuis wrote:

> I can think a few way to construct a "keep-alive" process to ensure that a connection to a MySQL database via the LiveCode database drivers doesn't time out. However, it occurs to me that folks who spend more time writing LiveCode MySQL applications than I may have come up with a "best" way to keep the connection from timing out, so I thought I would ask the list. An idle loop would do it, but using idle is not a "best" approach.
> Any "best" approaches out there that someone cares to share?
> Thanks!
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