iOS Strategy for multiple device deployment

Thomas McGrath III mcgrath3 at
Mon Feb 14 00:21:49 EST 2011

I spent most of the day testing and creating Paging as well as orientation. I did come up with a descent Paging method using lazy loading with just two text fields. (Three may be better for large databases to fill the text fields with. More on that later this week.) 

So Paging works like this; There are two fields one is off screen and the other is centered in this instance in the lower part of the view. If the user swipes left the first displayed text field swipes to the left off screen and the second field pages in to view and then if the user swipes left again the first field (now on the right side off screen) pages in. The same if the user swipes to the right. Using two fields one offscreen having it's text updated while the one onscreen is displayed. I am using Animation Engine 4 and aeMoveTo with "in" effect although "overshoot" looks good as well. Bounce is a little much for this type of swiping.

This should work very well with images as well but I do think it would be better for off screen updating if we use three images. I will test this this week as well.

There is still a slight delay before paging but it seems that this delay is with most of the effects in LC on iOS. It helps that I already built one of these partial screen paging view in xCode to know what to expect from LC so that it emulates iOS as close as possible.

But I can't upload this to Rev Online since mine is not working. Will update this and figure another place to post it this week.


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On Feb 13, 2011, at 2:11 PM, Thomas McGrath III wrote:
>> Now, with both of the first two approaches there are three alternate ways to handle device rotation-orientation.
>> A.) The first is by having both orientations available on the same card and via code moving/rearranging the controls to that particular orientation. Having both on the same card requires a lot more coding to handle the layout/rearranging but requires less coding when making changes to the projects functionality - you just have to change the functionality code for controls just once for either orientation.  

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