Monte Goulding monte at
Sun Feb 13 22:35:23 EST 2011

>> Need some clarification on the use of the stackFiles property.  I
>> have a file, xzy.livecode.  It has a mainstack and several
>> substacks.  I need access to the mainstack and some of the substacks
>> in my application. I set up a stackFiles entry referring to the main
>> stack with a path to the stack file, thinking that would get me
>> access to all the substacks but it looks like I have to set up a
>> stackFiles entry for each substack as well as the main stack, is
>> that correct?
> Well, personally I never touch the stackfiles property. I suppose it's
> got value if you need to package extra files that aren't substacks in
> a standalone application, and Monte no doubt can comment to this.

All it does is create a reference for the engine to find stacks by name if they aren't already loaded or in the same folder as the engine. Another alternative which is quite handy in more variable circumstances like loading plugins etc is to parse the files in a folder and load them all into memory. 

The standalone builder recursively parses the stackfiles property to find dependencies. The full list of stackfiles is displayed on the stack files card of the sb settings and when you add a stack file there it sets the stackfiles property for the stack the sb settings is working on.



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