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Sunday, February 13, 2011, 6:49:41 PM, you wrote:

> Need some clarification on the use of the stackFiles property.  I
> have a file, xzy.livecode.  It has a mainstack and several
> substacks.  I need access to the mainstack and some of the substacks
> in my application. I set up a stackFiles entry referring to the main
> stack with a path to the stack file, thinking that would get me
> access to all the substacks but it looks like I have to set up a
> stackFiles entry for each substack as well as the main stack, is
> that correct?

Well, personally I never touch the stackfiles property. I suppose it's
got value if you need to package extra files that aren't substacks in
a standalone application, and Monte no doubt can comment to this.

So it depends on what you mean by "I need access". You want to refer
to objects or properties in the substacks? You don't need to do
anything special. Just refer to them by object-of-stack and you're
done. But since that's so easy I'm guessing you mean something else.

You need to get to scripts in your substacks? The easiest way is to
issue the statement "start using stack abc", where abc is the name of
the substack. That will make the substack a library stack, and the
handlers in its script will be available to your main stack. If you
just need access to a few handlers in a substack script then you might
want to check out the "value" keyword, although I find its syntax
clumsy enough that I use it sparingly and try to refactor things so
that the function I'm trying to call ends up in the mainstack script.
And then there are the "send" and "dispatch" commands.

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