Working ScreenRect: Linux

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed Feb 9 14:56:16 EST 2011


On Linux (Ubuntu 11.04 beta with GNOME) there is no difference between 
the screenRect
and the working screenRect

Livecode FAILS to pick up GNOME panels, Avant Window Navigator and Docky.

I am not entirely surpised by AWN and Docky as they are add-ons; but the 
failure to pick
up my top Panel is a bit disconcerting.


Please; anybody using Linux (Peter, Peter and Peter???) try and compare
items 3 and 4 of screenRect and working screenRect . . .

Of course if anyone is running Linux with KDE, XFCE or Enlightenment 
would be even more instructive . . .  :)




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