Photo Gallery Models

Sivakatirswami katir at
Wed Feb 9 14:48:31 EST 2011

  I'm needing to create an app that has a photo gallery where we can 
re-arrange the photos by drag and drop, change the file names, send a 
rotate command etc.

I have most of the code for the individual any individual photo 
operation already built, filename management and processing is trivial, 
but setting up a gallery on a card is the challenge.

Currently I am using a image source model where I have a field with


  and I turn the foreground color to white (characters disappear to the 
eye) and then set the image source for each character to the file 
reference for each of the photos in the gallery, This actually works 
fairly well, but has lots of limitations.

Also I'm loading image into this gallery where they are already down 
sized to a reasonable ~40k size for the web. But in the application we 
envision, the user will be looking to manage image assets on disk where 
the images will be their default size from the camera  anywhere form 
1.5MB to 6MB in size.  setting a number of character in a string to 
image sources of that size will probably not be doable.

There are many ways to go with this. We don't need to completely 
re-invent the wheel(s) of iPhoto, Aperture, Expressions or Bridge photo 
gallery management but I need just a small subset of functions inside 

If anyone has any examples they can share, I would appreciate it.


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