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Mon Feb 7 16:10:12 EST 2011

I think a feature request is in order for a Livecode preference for preferred web and email client. The choices could be Default (for systems that support it) or Other... in which case you could choose the web and email client you prefer. I'm not sure however, how you would call up a web mail client in this situation, unless web mail clients have URL's for crafting a new email from another app and sending it. Then you could have as a preference Web and a field for entering the URL necessary for calling up your particular web mail client. 

Hey, how come I don't work for Livecode? Oh, right because it's cold and wet over there. Ugh!


On Feb 7, 2011, at 1:00 PM, Richmond wrote:

> Thank you, both John and Roger.
> Certainly Roger's screenshot was a model of clarity.
> However, my Ubuntu box did not evoke Thunderbird (my e-mail client) nor the
> inbuilt Evolution. Mind you part of this might be that Linux does not really have
> a way to set one's default e-mail client.
> The fact that it worked on Windows is sufficient for me as I am setting up a small standalone
> for people to send me their screen-resolutions on computers running Windows.
> Thank you again, as I don't have a machine that is running Windows connected to the internet.
> Richmond.
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