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Sun Feb 6 20:21:46 EST 2011

If you know what controls are where, and you must because you made them, named them and placed them on your palette, then can't you just get target info, clone the control, and make it track the mouse until dropped?

Or am I missing everything?

Craig Newman

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I would like to set up the equivalent of the LC Tools palette so I can drag and 
drop some custom controls from it to any card. 

Mark - I read your excellent write up on Drag and Drop but it seems to be aimed 
at a different situation than this (dragging info from one control to another).  
I also used the message watcher to see what happens when I drag an LC control 
from the LC tools palette to a card and I didn;t see any of the standard 
drag/drop messages.

 Any tips on how to set about doing this?  

Pete Haworth

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