ClickLine anomaly?

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Fri Feb 4 12:43:43 EST 2011

I regularly will enter data into an arbitrary line in a locked field, whether empty or just well below the last line. Maybe one wants to just see what line is what, or where. in relation to other lines or objects. Or who knows?

The workaround is straightforward, using the clickLoc and field and field text properties. I never despise either HC or LC for this very capability. Nothing is perfect, after all.

But why more logical? The simple, transparent way is to just let the clickLine do its thing.

Craig Newman

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>Easy workaround using the clickLoc and knowledge of the field properties. 
I must say I like the way LC/Rev/MC does it. It's more logical. Why should one get clickline info if clicking where there is no content? Actually, if I recall, HC used to select the last line of the field if clicking beyond the last line (I am talking about list fields). 
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