How to set focus color

Thierry th.douez at
Fri Feb 4 09:26:40 EST 2011

Le 4 févr. 2011 à 14:21, Jan Schenkel a écrit :

> --- On Fri, 2/4/11, Thierry <th.douez at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have a simple stack with one card and 2 fields in a
>> group.
>> I've tried to set the focus color border for the fields,
>> but it still remains blue ?
>> Setting the focus color on the fields, then on the group ,
>> clearing the fields focus color,
>> then on the card and on the stack,
>> doesn't change anything.
>> I tried with the property isnpector and by script.
>> I even quit and restart LiveCode.
>> Running LiveCode 4.5.3 on MacosX 10.6.6
>> Any hints on this one ?

Thanks Jan for your answer.

> LiveCode is probably using the 'system' appearance for the field,
> and relying on the system focus broder color.

Yes, that's what is happening.

> What happens if you change some of the properties so that it uses its buoilt-in drawing mechanism? (e.g. set the borderWidth to 1 or turn off the threeD of the field)

Just tried without success few changes on fields, group or stack,
even add a field outside the group  :(


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