Upload an LC file to Mac App Store

ron barber runrevron at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 16:55:26 EST 2011

Mario -

You said:
I developed some small applicationsin LICVE CODE that I wanted to
publish on the  AppStore Mac,
I have inscribed me as a developer for the Mac App Store,
I created the two certificates and Mac Mac App Installer,
I added up Itunesconnect my applications that are now waiting to upload
BUT...  when I try to use Application Loader .. it does not see my
applications LiveCode created and placed on the desktop.

IF there is somebody who really KNOWS  the all PATH to upload a
LiveCode file  to  Mac App Store, please, may inform me about ?
Otherwise i am going to suppose that LIVECODE is not  accepted by  Mac
App Store..

I hope to have been clear about my question..thanks a lot to YOU

I was successful in submitting an app using the following steps:

0.* Get your two certificates from Apple per their instructions.

1. save the app in livecode

2. open the plist inside the package and do the following:
(NOTE: your actual application type should be changed to reflect your
application - see Apple's list. This is provided as an example)
-add LSApplicationCategoryType         public.app-category.reference
-change the bundleversion from the number that Livecode supplies to
your applications number so that it is in a 3 number two dot format
i.e. 1.0..0

3. delete all .lproj folders from within the Resources folder inside
the app bundle that you do not support

4. open the terminal and paste the codesign line below (be sure to
replace 'myapp' with the name of your application)

5. Next, in the terminal paste productbuild line below

6.  Apple suggests that prior to submitting to the Mac app store, the
installation process for Macs be tested using the sudo command below.
the password is this computers password for installing software

7. use apploader to submit the binary
Spaces are important!
PathToYourFile is in the form  you get if you use answer file from
inside LC with the addition of your app name like this:

codesign -s 3rd -v PathToYourFile

productbuild --component PathToYourFile /Applications --sign "3rd
Party Mac Developer Installer: YourName" MyApp.pkg

sudo installer -store -pkg /Users/ron/MyApp.pkg -target /

Hope this helps

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