How to get current text hiliteColor in Linux?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 2 08:40:34 EST 2011

Warren Samples wrote:

> This gives a reasonable approximation, certainly much better than the
> default, but it raises a question for me. Is there a way to set the
> foreground color of the selection? I don't find it in the dictionary,
> and the white text doesn't work so well in all cases. Obviously there's
> a global property that is being set be set, but I can't find it.

In contrast to the engine's behavior on OS X, in Windows and Linux 
selected text is inverted and I can find no way to have it do otherwise.

This has been an ongoing problem that has limited a good many xplat 
designs for several years, so with your prompting I finally took the 
time to submit a request for that, coupling it with a request for 
improved behavior of the hiliteColor property in fields since they seem 
related and could hopefully be implemented at the same time:

need more control over the appearance of selected text

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