copy custom property set

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Fri Dec 2 00:31:27 EST 2011


I'm not too confident with custom properties, so my terminology here
could be imprecise.

In my stack's custom properties there is a set called "en". In turn,
that set "en" has a long list of keys (?).

Thus, for example, if I script:

  put the en["greetingMorning"] of stack "myStack"

it'll return:

  "Good morning!"

What I want to do is create a new custom prop called "ja", with the
same long list of keys as "en", but with different contents.

Thus, for example, if I script:

  put the ja["greetingMorning"] of stack "myStack"

it'll return:

  "Ohayo gozaimasu"

But I do not know how to:

1) create "ja" with the same keys as "en"
2) insert data into each of the keys of "ja"

I don't mind doing (2) manually. But is there not an automatic way of doing (1)?

Thank you.

Nicolas Cueto

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