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Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Fri Sep 24 10:14:26 EDT 2010

Hi Dunbar,

I do not have LiveCode installed in this computer, so i could not
test the following idea:

Why not make both, the process and the script, to depend
from an external source, for running and, then they call
each other?

For example, both runs only if certain fixed time has passed
or some variable has been changed or the mouse position has
changed, etc... and when one script runs and finish, it call the
other process for updating. Then, the process call the script
and viceversa.

How feasible is this idea to keep both (the process and the script)
running at the same time?


dunbarx wrote:
> Is there a way that a process of some sort can be implemented while a 
> script is running?
> I answered a question in the forums where someone wanted a way to enable a 
> button when a certain condition was met. I set up a recursive "send in
> time" 
> handler. The stack operates normally, and when a script might attain that 
> condition, the button property was set. Usual stuff.
> But my question goes way back to HC. If the condition was met while a 
> script is running, the change would not be detected until the handler
> finished.   
> This was always normal.
> In other words:
> 1- Say the condition of interest was that a custom property ("myProp") of
> a 
> button was the number 50.
> 2- I initialize that button property to empty.
> 3- I set up a recursive "send in time" handler to check the property. It 
> runs happily "in the background", does its thing whenever it sees that the 
> property is set to 50, and then exits. Well and good.
> 4- I set up a repeat loop somewhere:
> repeat with y = 1 to 100
>    set the "myProp" of myButton to y
> end repeat
> So the property becomes 50 fairly soon, but the "send in time" handler 
> won't see that fact until the repeat loop (and its handler itself, of
> course) 
> ends. Did I mention I thought this was normal behavior?
> Is there a way to "interrupt", or rather, "interrogate", the repeat loop?
> I 
> am not talking about checking the property within that running code.
> I assume not.
> Thanks,
> Craig Newman
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