LiveCode 4.5 personal licences

paolo mazza mazzapaoloitaly at
Thu Sep 23 06:12:37 EDT 2010

Referring to the last version  of the LIveCode store  ( ) , I do not understand the difference between

LiveCode 4.5 Desktop Mac/Win (99 $ )  licence


LiveCode 4.5 Desktop Personal (275 $ ) licence .

The difference between the 2 personal  licences is that the second licence
allows you to deploy also to the Linux platform?

Referring to the first they  say:
LiveCode 4.5 Desktop Mac/Win
Windows and Mac desktop development unlocked
This package includes LiveCode development tools and the Windows and Mac
desktop deployment addon.

while, referring to the second licence they say:

LiveCode 4.5 Desktop Personal
Complete desktop development for the personal user
This bundle gives you LiveCode Development Tools plus personal deployment to
all desktop platforms saving you $49. Develop applications using a fast and
easy compile-free workflow. Achieve project goals in a fraction of the time
with the ability to change the interface or code while the application is
running. So quick to learn even non-programmers can use it. Write code that
makes sense using expressive, memorable syntax and reuse the same code
across multiple devices. Customize your Personal license with more
deployment options, pick from Mobile, Web and Server. This license is for
educational and non-commercial use, all standalone executable applications
will display a splash screen on launch stating non-commercial use only.

All the best

Paolo Mazza


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