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J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Wed Sep 22 18:14:18 EDT 2010

On 9/22/10 3:06 PM, Mark Stuart wrote:

> I looked around the RunRev\Documentation folders and the only pdf file I
> see is the LiveCode Users Guide, no others.
> So unless I'm misunderstanding what the Store web page is saying about
> what the "Complete" license says I'm supposed to have, I'm missing
> documentation.
> Oh, and if I'm to login to RunRev and download more "modules", then how
> is that done? Didn't see it.

You may need to write to support and ask Heather since I'm not sure yet 
how it works. But the site says you should log into your account and 
there will be download links there for the products you have purchased. 
Go to the web site, click the Store link at the top of the page, and log 
in with the email and password that was sent to you in email in the last 
couple of days. If you didn't get an email, then click the "forgot 
password" link and have it sent to you. Once you are in your store 
account you should see the products you purchased and be able to 
download them.

But check your hard drive first to see if you have more than just the 
desktop apps. Each product may be in its own folder, or have its own 
installer. I'm not sure how it works right now, I got my files before 
the new store activated.

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