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> > I personally prefer it to be called Transcript
> though.because it just 
> > sounds unique and the sort. Plus SourceForge has
> officially accepted it as one 
> > of the programming languages around. And they call it
> Transcript. So I say 
> > and pick Transcript! :)
> > 
> This was a thead a while ago. What to
> call the language. I also prefer 
> "transcript". It sounds grown-up, professional, even.
> Something "hypertalk" 
> lacked; which always seemed, well, not grown-up.
> I hope that the product name change (never mind the far
> less critical 
> language name) is well considered, and brings simplicity
> and success.
> Craig Newman

Personally, I'm very much in favour of the sweeping name change. LiveCode is a complete development tool: a language, a platform and an IDE. Much easier to say "I built it in LiveCode" than "I built it in Java, using OpenJDK 6, NetBeans Matisse GUI Builder and Eclipse"
And it is infinitely more internet-searchable.

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