Rev on two minimalist Linux distros

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Sep 16 07:34:49 EDT 2010

  On 09/16/2010 01:21 PM, Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> Richmond, I am just trying to find out if there ARE any dependencies of note
> that will not be included in most any distro.  I think the answer is
> probably no based on this.  I do not expect anyone to use these distros in
> anger, except for embedded systems.
> I also wanted to  know, were any of the problems extinguished by lack of
> apps and libraries.  The answer to that one seems to be no.
> I think the answer is, the problems are intrinsic to the basic way Rev on
> Linux has been implemented.

Quite; see obs. sub.

> As for Ion, I do not think Rev should be made to work with all WMs.  I think
> it should be standards compliant, and if it is, it will work on all.  I
> think Ion is a fair test of this.  Make it work on Ion, and it will be
> standards compliant and will work on all.  If its not standard compliant,
> then, as now, it will work partly, and on some.  What we want is standards
> compliance.

I suspect that, to get RunRev on Linux standards compliant 'someone'
will have to go back to square one and build the whole thing all over again.

Just possibly RunRev for Linux is a bit like Windows Millennium ( !!!!!! );
insofar as Windows Millennium was built on top of 98, on top of 95, on top
of 3.1 and so on; and RunRev 4+ for Linux is built on a series of things 
all the way back to the Linux Metacard engine when things in the Linux
world were very different.

Now, I cannot see the folk in Edinburgh feeling that is really worth all 
effort, especially considering the share RunRev on Linux must have of their
overall sales (well? 1 copy to you, and one to me at the RunRev 2009 
conference ???).

Therefore we might be more sensible to live with what we have (which, 
after all, is far from bad)
and work to improve it.

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