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Is my firm belief that if the project will save or make people money right
away then they will help...


On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 12:10 PM, Malte Pfaff-Brill
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> Andre, sorry for hijacking this thread a bit...
> I would be interested in how many people would really think they would be
> willing to invest some effort into various open source projects. I know
> David is a huge advocate of all things OSS. However, as Richmond pointed out
> pretty well, over the last 8 years I´ve spend in this community I have
> rarely seen OSS projects that took up momentum. I have been wondering why
> that is for quite a while now. My main thought is that it is not exactly
> easy to collaborate on rev Projects. This is partly due to the binary nature
> of stacks which makes it hard to use a version control system on rev
> projects, partly due to the lack of a place where projects like this could
> be hosted.
> Current state: Everyone that tries to release stuff to the community is
> cooking her own soup. Though most people are very generous with sharing code
> on the lists and forums, there is no central repository where people can go
> to and collaborate on projects. We do have many sites spread all over the
> world with too many gems to dig out.
> Additionally we have revOnline. revOnline is a good place for consumers /
> prosumers though, not suitable for starting a collaborative effort to work
> on code. Especially libraries. Most of the stuff on revOnline is there for
> the visual stuff the stack does, or in a state where the lib is basically
> finished.
> So the only things an author that uploads to revOnline can gain is
> - giving examples what can be done
> - help someone solve a problem with a complex stuff (requires a lot of
> coordination and is usually easier done by mail)
> - show off what he has done.
> What an author usually can not hope for is to benefit from changes other
> coders have made once a stack is released into the wild. I have no idea how
> many people here would really willing to dedicate time into OSS projects (my
> last try was rather frustrating, though it has been a few years since I last
> tried.) I might be willing to test the waters again in a couple of weeks.
> More on that later.
> All the best,
> Malte
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