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Wed Sep 15 10:39:28 EDT 2010

David Bovill wrote:

> On 15 September 2010 14:52, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>wrote:
>> Jun 27, 2006:
>>    So in brief, if ToolBook could do this almost a decade ago I see
>>    no reason why Rev couldn't also:
>>    1. Identify a subset of things that would be useful in a browser.
>>    2. Make a Rev library with handlers to support those tasks.
>>    3. Make a JavaScript library with corresponding handlers to get
>>       those behaviors in a browser.
>>    4. Author in Rev, have a library generate the objects as DHTML
>>       snippets in a web page, reference the JavaScript lib,
>>       and upload.
>>    5. Give the URL to your friends and enjoy. :)
>>    Oh, and I forgot Step 0 (before 1):
>>    0. Get some of the open source advocates here to do #1, 2, and 3.
>> <>
> Exactly, which is part of what would make a good open source / open content
> strategy for RunRev. But they get community development strategy even less
> than they get the web :(

There is nothing inherent in that proposal which requires waiting for 
anyone else to do anything.

Anyone who sees value in such an open source project can begin it at any 

The engine is here, the web is here.  All that needs to happen now is 
for someone who wants this to roll up their sleeves and code it.

Like Richmond said, "If 10% of the ideas that have been batted around on 
this Use-List over the last 10 years had actually got further
than somebody's PC we WOULD be living in a different world to what we do."

I'll kick-start it:  if someone will take the lead on this, I'll donate 
the code to translate native Rev controls on a card to HTML 
representations.  I have chunks of it written for various projects now, 
so tidying those up and generalizing them will be a reasonably 
accomplishable task.

Who wants this enough to take the lead on the JavaScript library?

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