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Thu Sep 9 16:50:23 EDT 2010

FWIW, I still get emails from the beta program for Flash iPhone packager, and they are reporting that Flash apps have been getting approvals already today after many months stranded in the queue. I have a feeling Apple went back and "approved" a bunch in advance of this announcement.

> On 09/09/2010 19:55, "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at> wrote:
>> At this point RunRev has two three going for their Android version:
>> 1. They've put way too much into it at this point to let it lie still.
>> 2. Over the last 6 months Android's rate of growth has exploded by 886%
>> while iOS's has dropped from a high of 34% down to 23%:
>> <
>> up-886-globally/>
>> 3. Apple has demonstrated a willingness to change the rules of the game
>> at any time regardless of how widespread the subsequent destruction will
>> be.
> All true.
> Though I think that its going to be very hard for Apple to back out of this
> one now. If the backlash before was bad enough to make them change their
> minds think what it would be like if they did it again. I suspect they are
> feeling the heat from competition in the Android space and have suddenly
> decided that they need to keep developers on board.
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