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Mon Sep 13 18:50:14 EDT 2010

Well it's not like that at all. It's more like she promised not to use the credit card, and then did anyway. After her husband got upset she took the stuff back and got a refund. Is her husband now justified in being angry that she got the refund? THAT is what it is like. My God, people, really? You think a change in a corporation's software distribution policy, and then relaxing it again because of the heat is like wife beating?? Really??? Remind me to never step on your toes. I'll be arrested for murder!! LOL!

And what we expect from Steve Jobs is irrelevant. All you have the RIGHT to expect is what he offered to give you for the cash in your pocket, or in Rev's case, what they both agreed upon contractually. This ain't a Marxist totalitarian state, it's free enterprise. (Unless something happened in my sleep...) If Apple takes your money for something, and then defrauds you, they have to give the money back. There may be more damages you can sue for, but once you get to the end of that road, it's a tip of the hat and a good day to you sir, and you go your separate ways. 

Not saying Steve's decision to lock out certain dev environments was a good one, I thought it sukked (that's an ancient polynesian word that means "an act of irresponsibly"), but now we are back on the road, save what damages you incurred, which you are welcome to sue for. 

Sorry to be so contentious, but I think we need a reality check about these odd expectations that seem to have cropped up around Apple or any other independent corporation. They are in business for themselves at the least (although some in the corporation may have higher aspirations to help make the world a better place in the process). That is going to please some people and anger others. Oh well. 


On Sep 13, 2010, at 2:10 PM, Chipp Walters wrote:

> Bob,
> To me, what you're saying sounds like the something wife-beaters like to
> say.
> Beat her up. Tell her how sorry you are and have her forgive you. Then beat
> her up again.
> Do any of us really expect any MORE from Jobs?
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