OT: SheepSaver

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 14:23:06 EDT 2010

I'm a stupid person because I have 4 computers wedged into 2 square 
metres of my "study"; but
what it does mean is that I don't have to run emulators left, right and 

"Mouldy, oldy" Macs are cheap as chips; even if you don't have a 
half-dozen of the things in the garage,
attic, cellar, Mum's spare bedroom.

Frankly my PPC 5700 all-in-one running OS 8.1 with an ethernet card into 
my domestic HAN (Home Area
Network) cuts a lot of mustard where Sheep Shaver just causes grief.

My only sadness . . .  :)  is that I have to wait until I drive to 
Scotland next year before I can get my
sweaty paws on 3 original slot-loading iMacs that I was donated by a 
place I used to work, to load
8, 9 and Ubuntu PPC onto. And that is not mentioning my BBC, my Acorn 
and several other
old-but-functional-and-oddly-relevant machines!!!

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