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Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at proactive-intl.com
Sat Oct 23 18:02:41 EDT 2010

> > release the new KIM- a social network phone. It  sells-- what-- 500 
> > units it's first month? Can anyone seriously even think Apple could 
> > eFF that up as bad? Heck, Apple can rebrand a steaming pile of you 
> > know what and sell more than 500 units in a month.
> >
> Umm . . . really; I thought that Microsoft were very good at 
> that . . . 
> take Windows for instance.

Everything exists on a timeline.

If you recall, Windows started as basically a shell on top of (a) DOS, and
the transition to Windows 95 was around the time that Apple was still in OS
7.x. MS and DOS (and later Windows) catered to business in a big way, and
they had some good friends too that helped them, whereas it was less of a
priority with Apple (and far more of a priority in the education market).
For all its mistakes, MS has done a good job consistently supporting the
corporate world.

All companies have their share of blunders, some are just more fun to talk
about than others.

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