Leland Vandervort leland at DEV.DISCPRO.ORG
Fri Oct 22 13:36:10 EDT 2010

I use the apple corded keyboard at work, and for home I use the wireless
"short" version (without the numeric keypad)... It took me a few days to get
used to the one at home, but now I'm equally comfortable on both.  At least
now I don't have to tote my keyboard around with me along with my Mbpro.
23" LED Cinema display with "docking" cables in both locations so basically
works like an iMac ;)

Now if only I can get used to the "Magic Mouse"  ;-)


Le 22/10/2010 19:26, « Peter Alcibiades » <palcibiades-first at> a
écrit :

> The Apple corded full USB is very nice.  Far better than the Cherry Strait
> which is a contender also, but the keycaps wear off.  Otherwise, Logitech
> OEM is very good value and everyone really likes it.  Or the extreme
> clickety clack made by PCKeyboards, which if they are into that sort of
> thing, people also like a lot.

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