Sending mouseup to checkboxes on different card

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Wed Oct 20 10:49:10 EDT 2010

Hi Craig!

I checked for line breaks but there is none. I think the one in my posting was due to cutting and pasting the code to Nabble.

My sample stack of two cards has four checkboxes on one card and four on the second. Each checkbox has code to show a field that when it is checked. To see if the checkboxes are receiving the mouseUp, I set all of the fields associated with the checkboxes to invisible. The checkboxes that are checked on the first card show the fields but the checkboxes on the second card do not and generates an error message in the IDE when I pressed the mouseUp button on the first card. If I click on the checkbox to uncheck, the error message appears for the next checkbox that is checked. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to suggest them!

Charles Szasz
cszasz at

On Oct 20, 2010, at 10:12 AM, dunbarx [via Runtime Revolution] wrote:

> Hi. 
> It works. It is possible you left that line break in the second "if" 
> statement? 
> Craig Newman 
> In a message dated 10/20/10 10:04:01 AM, [hidden email] writes: 
> > on mouseUp 
> > repeat with y = 1 to the number of cards 
> >       repeat with b= 1 to the number of buttons of card y 
> >          if the style of button b of card y = "checkbox" then 
> >             if the hilite of button b of card y = "true" then send mouseUp 
> > to button b of card y 
> >          end if 
> >       end repeat 
> > end repeat 
> > end mouseUp 
> >
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