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Sat Oct 16 07:13:54 EDT 2010

Hi Dixie,

This really is a big hassle. You'd have to set several cRevGeneral, cRevGeometry and cRevGeometryCache proprties by script. It is possible but really compliated.

Alternatively, you might try to create a copy of an existing field, which has its geometry settings already. After creating is, call the revUpdateGeometry and revCacheGeometry commands. I can't guarantee that it works, but you might give it a try.

I'm pretty much an opponent of using the geometry manager. In more complicated projects, there is always a moment when it breaks. I always write my own script to manage object sizes and locations. It is faster, more reliable and easier to maintain in the end.

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On 16 okt 2010, at 00:08, John Dixon wrote:

> Hi...
> Is it possible to set the geometry of an object by script so that the settings are then reflected in that objects' inspector ?
> be well
> Dixie

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