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Klaus on-rev klaus at
Mon Oct 4 09:38:21 EDT 2010

Hi Andre,

> Klaus,
> You can have a hidden revBrowser window where you load things, if it suits
> you then, you load things on the visible one after fiddling with the hidden
> one. Kinda cumbersome but it works,

Yep, I wanted to avoid this.

> if all you need to check is in the HTML
> source then it is better with libURL calls under beforeNavigate

Yes, that's what I do now, load the URL and then check the html source first
and "put true into browsercancel" if necessary.

Takes a lillte more time, but what the heck :-D

Unfortunately "browsercancel" is also not in the docs as "libUrlSetSSLVerification"
I was looking for yesterday :-/

> but if the
> interaction with the server needs cookies then maybe you'd better use a
> hidden revbrowser
> Andre




Klaus Major
klaus at

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