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What is the big "secret", anyway?


On 3 October 2010 13:55, David Bovill <david at> wrote:

> On 3 October 2010 17:40, Michael D Mays <michael at>
> wrote:
> A classic example is the On-Rev client. Locking that thing up in a
> standalone was completely pointless. Active members of the community could
> have rolled their own versions of a client (ie based on an informal API),
> that would have been orders of magnitude better than the current offering.
> It would not have mattered if this API moved fast (it hasn't anyway), nor
> would it matter if they withdrew the API / charged for it / locked things
> down afterwards (as long as we knew this was a possibility up front).
> We can only hope that this old-school business logic is replaced by a saner
> cooperation with developers, a saner use of common technologies to
> integrate
> the various lists, forums, and bug tracking, and an intelligent use of open
> content licensing for some of the IDE components.
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