RunRev as RevServer &/or CGI engine

Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Nov 22 18:58:46 EST 2010

It looks to me like "open socket" doesn't work in RevServer 
(specifically, on Nothing I've tried has the open socket 
succeed, while the same simple script will work on the desktop, and 
opening the socket from another language (python as a CGI) does work 
fine. It is listed in the docs as being on "Desktop, Server and Web" but 
doesn't seem to be working for now.

Does anyone know if it does work on on-rev ?
If not, whether it will do someday ? (soon??)

If I run Rev as a CGI, does that allow 'open socket' ?
And in that case, how do I install/run Rev as CGI ?

(I found Jacques tutorial that told me to upload the engine only to 
cgi-bin, and I recall seeing that I need to use an older version of the 
engine, not 4.5 - but the new download page doesn't seem to offer old 
versions). So does anyone have explicit instrucitons on how to install 
rev as cgi on

And - since I'm asking questions - does anyone know, or can they give me 
pointers to, licensing info for the CGI engine ?  I would (maybe) like 
to develop REV scripts to install on a clients web-site. What license do 
I (or they) need to allow loading and running the engine for CGI ?

-- Alex.

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