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Judy Perry jperryl at
Mon Nov 15 17:53:22 EST 2010

But Andre,

the 157 secs for GraphicConverter doesn't happen once you've actually 
*paid* for it; it's nagware to encourage you to buy it.

(How do I know this?  Because I haven't paid for it since they had a 
long-standing bug that annoyed me; prior to that, I paid for it and no 
nagware banner).


On Mon, 15 Nov 2010, Andre Garzia wrote:


> I also think that 10 seconds splash screen is not unreasonable, I have
> software here with splash screens that take up to 157 seconds to vanish
> (Graphic Converter) and I am not mad at it. I know we live on times where
> everything is instantaneous and any process that makes us wait fells
> criminal to us. Waiting 10 secs is a small price to pay for a 99 USD
> license.

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